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When we modify anything in the terms and conditions section, we post it on our official website for all to see but once you visit the website and decide to use its services and/or products, you agree that you are bound by the terms and conditions as set out. Your relationship with the templatesspot.com is governed by the terms and conditions page and it is for your own good that you should read the terms and conditions page so that you know the kind of binding agreement that you getting into. The company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions but you will be dully notified because it will be posted on this website.

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All feedbacks that lean too much on search engine marketing will be deleted as will also be any links from affiliates that are considered as unbefitting for the site. Bloggers may or may not respond privately via email or any other means of communication to a comment posted. It is the sole responsibility of the owner of a blog site to vet all comments posted and if it is necessary, to delete, edit or mark as spam. Whenever you post a comment or suggestion, you take full responsibility that you are the originator of the same.

Note that templatesspot.com is not going to assume responsibility, legally or otherwise for any damages that you may accrue from the use of the properties here in. all supplies are sold with a none guarantee and templatesspot.com will not take responsibility even if they were duly informed of the damages before supplying the same. All information in templatesspot.com, be it text or photograph content, is duly protected under the state and federal laws. Templatesspot.com reserves the rights to amend, deny access or replace any content and even stop a running website without any notification to the owner.

As content on this website is regularly updated, it is important for all users to regularly visit the Terms and Conditions page to update themselves on any new terms.